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SHASCO telecom is one of the growing telecommunication firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in 2001, with the aim of addressing the region's needs for specialized skills and know how in field of telecom networking and related technologies.we are offering a wide range of services including survey, designing, installation, implementation and support for the fixed and mobile telecommunication networks.

Optical Network:

Shasco Telecom has extensive experience with highly skilled employers in optical network survey,design ,installation and Commissioning including SDH ,PDH and DWDM. Shasco Telecom’s wide range of services includes optical Network Planning, optical Network Design and optical Network Deployment & Implementation. Shasco Telecom’s professional teams are experts in transmission project and all our surveyor,Designers, installers and commissioners are highly experienced and efficient at completing the projects on schedule.Our Engineering and Design Services offer a one-stop shop from planning and design including Network Architecture, Capacity, Hardware Redundancy and Performance Reliability; with optical network engineering through ordering equipment, implementation, testing, project management, execution and maintenance.
Shasco Telecom offers flexible solutions with rapid equipment deployment for challenging sites with sensitive security needs. Our optical network solutions offer critical advantages such as being less prone to damage or impairment, offering cost-effective optical links across rough terrains and convenient maintenance. shasco Telecom is proud to be associated with global leading vendors around the world such as Huawei,Ericsson, Nokia Siemense,Alcatel Lucent.

Core Switching Network

We provides services in Core Switching networks like NGN and IP MPLS.

Network Planning and design engineering skill sets, will be allocated to a customer in order to meet the customer requirements for core network such as MSC, BSC, TRAU, HLR, IN and SMSC.

Included tasks
• Design and planning of new core network.
• Hardware requirements and allocation
• Software specifications
• Network implementation

Access Network

With growth of technologies such as HSI and IPTV, fixed network traffic explodes, driving rapid development of services including FTTx, WDM, IP Core, and IMS. Network building and IP-based reform result in centralized applications of services. That poses new challenges to network planning, design, integration, smooth migration, rapid service distribution, and efficient network O&M. Based on its project practices over decades, Shascotel provides Fixed Network Integration Solutions including national broadband integration, IPTV network integration, IMS integration, and fixed network evolution for typical networking scenarios of Clients, to help them rapidly build their networks, put their services into commercial use, and increase their operating income.

• Site survey
• Site Engineering Design
• Equipment supplied

Included tasks
• Installing the equipments
• Power connection and earthing of the equipments
• Commissioning tasks as requested and test results

Wireless networks

Shascotel has and will continue to pursue novel ways of reducing capital and operating expenses through both its partnerships and its own innovations. We are forging key partnerships that will result in even more efficient sourcing and fabrication of assets.

Shascotel’s reputation depends greatly on its vendor alliances. We value long-term partnerships that promote impeccable standards of integrity. IMIL regularly issues RFP's for skilled vendors and sub-contractors and welcomes your company’s participation in any aspect of the following functions:

• RF Study and Design
• Site Identification
• Site Acquisition
• Tower and Foundation Design
• Shelter Components
• Backup Power
• Construction of Towers and Foundations
• Project Management
• Quality Assurance
• Monitoring
• Operations and Maintenance

Microwave Link Installation

Microwave link installation covers the installation of the microwave transmission equipment,consisting of an Out-door unit,In-door unit and a cabling between .

• Site Adress
• Site Engineering Design
• All CW completed on the site
• All antenna and rigging tasks complete
• RE test and site survey result
• Power distribution points for BTS on site
• Equipment supplied

Included tasks
• Delivery of Microwave transmission equipment to site, not including
• Mounting of Outdoor unit
• Power connection and earthing of indoor Unit BTS
• Connection or sealing of identified jumpers to BTS
• Test of site and report including conditions
• BTS to BTs connectivity
• LOS reports are checked with radio signaling tests

O & M Competencies

Shascotel has a nation wide spread and in support of its core solutions, it provides Operation & Maintenance Services that allow for 365*24 availability of wireless operators network. Such services include:

• 24*7 Maintenance and technical support service.
• Preventive Maintenance.
• Breakdown Maintenance .
• Uninterrupted Power Supply .
• 99.99% Service level Efficiency.
• Aesthetic and environment friendly layout and design.
• Centralized Fault Management .

Civil Works

Our areas of interest in the Telecom and power infrastructure Programs include (but not limited) to the following area of specialization.

• Civil Works for Towers, Installation of equipment shelters and Civil works for perimeter walls/palisade fences, retaining walls, embankments, equipment plinths and aprons.
• Foundation Works and Erection of Towers and Installation of Aviation Lights, etc
• Civil works in the area of construction of power equipment/transformer plinths, equipment rooms and shelters, palisade/perimeter fence and retaining walls
• Design and construction of equipment foundations for 132/33kv injection sub-stations in reinforced concrete

DC Power

At shasco Telecom, a team of experts from our DC Power Department are on hand to deliver a full range of DC Power needs and services providing flexible solutions for:

• Site survey & report
• Site Engineering Design
• Equipment Supply
• equipments installation
• Commissioning tasks as requested and test results